Twelve days of Twitter, the return

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All change at Twitter again, and so I think it’s time for another round of 12 Days of Twitter, my live Twitter course aimed at helping you make the most of Twitter. Also known as #12DoT, also known as #TWOOC (for Twitter Open Online Course) – everyone is welcome.

It’s an entirely free course based around daily reading, resources, and tasks over twelve days to get you up and running on Twitter. The course concentrates on growing your professional network – whether that’s for business purposes, finding a new job, or creating and sharing research.

Your commitment is half an hour a day. Although often you will do more as you are working on building your network and will find relevant people and conversations as you go along, so be prepared to spend the time getting to know your new tribe on Twitter.

Main benefits:

  • Learn Twitter ON Twitter in half an hour a day
  • Grow your network and work on your professional projects as part of the course
  • Establish and Improve your professional persona online
  • Share tips and tricks with other #12DoT participants.

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Measuring Success and Return on Investment – Day 12/12 of #twooc

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I love Twitter. You’ve probably noticed. It is full of people who provide me with education, amusemeday 12 graphicnt, inside knowledge, help and partnership. I believe it stands entirely on its own.

However, you may need to prove that Twitter is worth the time you spend on it, so today is all about measuring that return on investment of your time.  I hope you find it of use:

#twooc – Day TWELVE – User Guide JUNE 2015

Let me know on #twooc!

Advanced Find and Follow on Twitter – Day 10/12 of #twooc

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Nearly there . . . Day 10 Twooc graphic

Today we recap and delve a little deeper into the art and science of gathering the right audience to you on Twitter.  we also look a little at the marketing theory and psychology behind user behaviour online.   #twooc – Day TEN – User Guide June 2015

Today’s challenge is to get the most followers in a day.

Are you up for it?

Ready, steady, #twooc!


Twitter Advanced Features – Day 9/12 of #twooc

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Good morning!day 9 graphic twitter advanced features twooc

Hopefully you are now able to switch between web-based Twitter and your smartphone with confidence – or even use both at once as I often find myself doing.

Today is about the advanced features of Twitter – some of them are ONLY AVAILABLE ON WEB-BASED TWITTER – so you will need to be browsing on a computer rather than a tablet or smartphone to make the most of today’s lesson: #twooc – Day NINE – User Guide February 2015

Today is where we get creative with our profile pages and learn more about the wonders of hashtags.

Happy tweeting!


Twitter on the Go – Day 8/12 of #twooc

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Welcome back!day 8 graphic twitter on the go

I few of you were awol at the weekend, and that’s the way life goes.  Happily the hashtag allows you to catch up with any conversations you missed very quickly.

Saturday was about getting retweeted by tweeting interesting stuff – and Sunday was about making that interesting stuff by adding rich media – including live video-streaming – to your tweets.

Today is a very short chapter – can you believe that when I started running this course four years ago, there was no mobile app for Twitter by Twitter? – so we took you through all sorts of options for getting Twitter on your mobile. Now Twitter even launches new features on it’s smartphone app before it hits the desktop version, so there’s not much competition, and so today’s chapter is concise.

If you’ve already got Twitter on your mobile, you can just go straight to the top of the class.

If you’d like to learn a little more about it, here’s today’s (very short) chapter: #twooc – Day EIGHT – User Guide June 2015

In any case give us a tweet on #twooc so we know you’re still with us, and recommend any apps you use for managing Twitter.

Happy tweeting,


Beyond the Tweet : Using Media on Twitter – Day 7/12 of #twooc

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Day 7 graphicToday is your chance to evidence your expertise online, or just share some different resources by using Twitter-friendly media applications. Understanding which apps play well with Twitter is key to making the most of your time and resources.

So if you want to post streaming video, a presentation or a document, or some other form of rich media, today’s guide should help.

#TWOOC – Day SEVEN – User Guide June 2015

Happy tweeting 🙂